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Founded by San Diego immigration lawyer Habib Hasbini, Attorney at Law and staffed by several immigration lawyers, Hasbini Law Firm brings legal solutions to immigration matters. San Diego Immigration Lawyers known as the Hasbini Law Firm Immigration Lawyers specialize in family, corporate and business immigration, immigrant and non-immigrant visa processing, green card, U.S. permanent residence, working visas, H-1B's, business and investment visas, asylum as well as deportation matters; we also give legal representation to immigrants that have language barriers and offer legal services in Arabic, Spanish, French and English languages.

San Diego immigration attorneys at the Hasbini Law Firm represent immigrants throughout Southern California. Our San Diego immigration lawyer office routinely help immigrants from these San Diego County cities:

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According to the founder and San Diego immigration lawyer Habib Hasbini, "the benefit of having legal representation outweighs the demerits in this present society. It is quite glaring that the needs to seek expedite action in these cases cannot be over emphasized." It becomes worthwhile to seek professional advice from the San Diego immigration lawyer Habib Hasbini, Attorney at Law and his associates as we provide combined personal experience and knowledge of the immigration system, and extensive legal experience to provide the immigration services needed.

We are able to keep immigrants current on adjustments in immigration laws of the United States. San Diego Immigration lawyers give devotion and dedication to our clients concerns and therefore give better and clearer understanding of how the law applies to specific situations. We render help in identifying all potential issues that arise and provide contingency plans which require significant effort on our part.

San Diego immigration lawyer Habib Hasbini and his staff have a 10/10 Avvo rating providing high quality legal counsel for all immigration matters. He is also the most famous San Diego immigration attorney at Nolo.

The San Diego law firm Hasbini Law Firm is one of the best San Diego leading immigration law firms. Immigration is not just a practice area for us, it is all we do. Because U.S. immigration law is Federal in nature, we can represent clients located anywhere in the United States and around the world. Whether you are an alien seeking to legalize your status in the U.S., or you are a U.S. employer planning to hire foreign employees, or you are a citizen trying to bring your loved ones from overseas, we are the law firm you can rely on.

Our San Diego immigration lawyer legal team represents clients like you facing a variety of immigration problems. Some of these immigration problems are outlined below:

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Our immigration lawyers apply the same diligence, whether representing a multinational corporation, a smaller company or an individual. We are known for being good communicators, and our clients never have problems getting through to us in a reasonable time, to obtain answers to their questions or just their case status. Most importantly, we do what we say we are going to do. Clients have rated us highly in terms of our competence, professional demeanor and the level of care we provide. Here is our Immigration Lawyer Youtube Video which is rated number one in San Diego: